Antler Chandeliers Moose

These antler chandeliers, made from moose antlers, are simply spectacular!

Chandeliers bring a sense of elegance and beauty to any room they are displayed in! 

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Moose 4 Antler Chandelier

Antler Chandeliers Moose

This hand crafted reproduction is made from lightweight polyethylene.
Moose 6 Antler Chandelier

6 Antler Chandeliers

Your choice of polished brass, antique brass
or black finish
canopy and chain.
Moose 10 Antler Chandelier

Ten Antler Chandeliers

This two tiered reproduction is hand stained for a genuinely authentic look.

The skillfully positioned 4 antler chandelier, holds 6 candelabra lights.  It is a handcrafted replica that is made from lightweight polyethylene giving it a very realistic appearance.  The 36” chain is available in antique brass, polished brass, or black finish.

The 6 antler reproduction chandelier showcases eight 25 watt candelabra lights and one 60 watt bulb enclosed with an amber glass shade.  It weighs 18 pounds and measures 51”W by 26” high.  For the canopy and 36” chain, you have your choice of polished brass, antique brass, or a black finish.

This 10 antler chandelier is truly stunning!  It features two tiers of beautifully arranged antlers with eight candelabras and one downlight with an amber glass shade.  It weighs 38 pounds and measures 60” wide by 34” high.  The canopy and chain is available in 3 color choices.

Manitoba Moose Chandelier

Manitoba Moose

Holds eight lights and has an antique brass canopy. Hardware included.
Mt Mazama Moose Antler Chandelier

Mt Mazama

This breathtaking accent for your home uses naturally shed antlers!

The Manitoba Moose Chandeliers have 6 astonishingly realistic antlers that look amazingly authentic, due to being handcrafted and individually stained and painted.  This light holds 8 ~ 25 watt bulbs, and has 36” of antique brass chain.  All hardware is included.

The Mt. Mazama Antler Chandeliers are a rare and elegant piece in that they are made from naturally shed antlers. Due to this, no two products will be exactly the same, so it truly is a unique work of art. Includes 6 lights, 6 foot of wire and 3 foot of chain.

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