Black Bear Shower Curtain

A black bear shower curtain is a perfect way to give your bathroom a woodsy touch.

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Camping Bear Shower Curtain

Looks like someone wanted to be invited to go camping!
Black Bear Family Shower Curtain
Black Bear Family

Scenic view of momma and her young cubs.

Black Bear Lodge Shower Curtain
Lodge Shower Curtain

This family of bears are enjoying their walk.
Shadow in the Mist Shower Curtain
Shadow in Mist

A lone black bear roaming the forest.

Bear Lake Shower Curtain
Lake Shower Curtain

Complementary accessories are available.
North American Black Bear Shower Curtain
North American

Soft, sage plaid with panoramic scenic border.

These selections range from individual bears, to mothers with their cubs, and offer both realistic or whimsical settings.

We have combinations of both black bear and moose, which is always a popular design, and have included some unique hooks for hanging.


Momma taking her cubs on a midnight stroll.
Mountain Getaway Shower Curtain
Mountain Getaway

Patchwork of rustic outdoor images.

Lumberjack Bear Shower Curtain
Lumberjack Curtain

Silhouette bears adorn this striking black and red checkered shower curtain.
Bear Tracks Shower Curtain

Bears, pine trees, and pinecones with brown, black and green colors.

Some of the designs in this selection are handmade and hand quilted, and any shower curtain choice can be easily combined with other accessories to satisfy your individual decorating personality.

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