Black Bear Wall Clock

A black bear wall clock makes an attractive way to show off your love for this awe inspiring creature!  We have several gorgeous designs!

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Black Bear Collage Wall Clock

This black bear collage features a sturdy resin frame and a glass covering.
Tin Frame Black Bear Clock
Rustic Frame

The tin outer frame creates a great weathered-look finish. Uses 1 AA battery.

Black Bear and Cub Clock
Momma and Cub

This wall clock features a paneled-wood look on a bronze finish.
Black Bear Streamside Clock

Black bear art by Rosemary Millette for a rugged outdoor look. 11" diameter.

We've included a few variations of silhouettes as well as beautiful scenic views and cubs at play.

Carved Wood Bear Clock
Carved Wood

Solid pine log-slice with handcrafted intarsia wood art. 29-32"W x 9"H.
Wood Carved Walking Bear Wall Clock
Carved Wood

Hand-carved and hand-painted on solid pine. Lacquer finish.

Bear Forest Wall Clock
Forest Wall Clock

Lifelike design with stylish, easy to read numbers. 11.5” diameter.
The Bear's Den Wall Clock
Bear's Den

This wall clock was inspired by vintage signs. Protective glass pane.

Personalized Bear Regulator Clock

Vintage style with solid hardwood. Can be personalized with up to 12 letters.
Black Bear Clock
Mantle Clock

Looks good sitting on the mantle of your fireplace or on any flat surface. Measures 7”H x 5”W

Here we have a timepiece that can be personalized and an American Expedition clock, which is a very popular series.

We've also included some clocks that are meant to sit on a shelf or above a mantle for a striking display.

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