Elk Table Lamp

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Elk on Lake Filigree Table Lamp

Elk on Lake
Filigree Table Lamp

Beautifully finished metal and brightly hued glass adorns this gorgeous design.
Elk Animal and Trees Metal Sculptured Table Lamp

Animals and Trees
Table Lamp

Beautiful artistic design cut out of steel plate.
Calling Elk Table Lamp

Calling Elk
Table Lamp

Hand cast and hand finished resin with a bronze finish.
Large Calling Elk Lamp

Large Calling Elk
Table Lamp

Hand cast quality resin giving the appearance of brushed wood.
Mountain Music Table Lamp

Mountain Music

Designed by wildlife artist Tim Wolfe. Resin and Alabaster Stone Powder.
Nibbling Elk Table Lamp

Nibbling Bark

Black oval pedestal on a sculpted base with an appearance of hand carved wood.

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