Funny Hunting Figurines

These comical hunting figurines have the wildlife turning the tables on unsuspecting hunters!

We have many game animals featured here, including deer, moose, duck, and bears, having their turn at stalking prey.

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These are the perfect gag gifts for the hunters in your life that enjoy and can take a good ribbing.

These Funny Hunting Figurines Make Great Gifts

Whether you give these for Christmas, a birthday, or just after a long, disappointing hunt, they are a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

From hunters being held at gunpoint, to man bait, to deer helping to scope out the area, these figurines will have you in stitches!

These are truly the perfect gag gifts, for your special sportsman, and will leave a smile on everyone's face.

Choosing which statue is the funniest, will definitely be the hardest part about giving this gift, but I think my personal favorite is, “Say Cheese”!

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