Moose Cookie Jars and Candy Molds

Whether you prefer homemade cookies, or making candy, these moose cookie jars and candy molds will prove to be invaluable to you!

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Ceramic Moose Cookie Jar

Moose Storage Jar

Ceramic Moose Glass Belly Cookie Jar
Glass Belly

Moose Storage Jar

Miniature Moose Head Cookie Cutter
Mini Cutters

Moose Cookie Cutter
Full Body

These cookie jars are not only decorative, but the first two have air tight lids to keep your baked goods fresh!

The third canister can be used for storing cookies, other baked products, or many various kitchen items.

The faux antler candy dish looks great as a fruit bowl or centerpiece for your table.

Moose Plaque Candy Mold
Candy Mold

Moose Lollipop Candy Mold

Moose Head Candy Mold
Mini Heads

We have two different versions of cookie cutters.  These work great for rolling out and cutting sugar cookies, and the decorating possibilities for those are endless.

If you enjoy making homemade candy, you'll love this selection of molds.

Make sure to check which type of mold you are purchasing, as some of them are not for hard candies, and most are not dishwasher safe.

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