Moose Dinnerware and Serving Pieces

These Moose dinnerware sets and serving pieces range from elegant to whimsical!

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Red Lodge Moose Dinnerware
Red Lodge

Handcrafted stoneware with bold red cranberry glaze.
Green Lodge Moose Dinnerware
Green Lodge

Accented with speckled green toned glaze.

Forest Lodge Moose Dinnerware

Unique array of sand, blue, teal, red, orange, and black.
Moose Antler Dinnerware
Bull Antler

A ring of moose antlers that encircle the rim.

If you are entertaining guests for the holidays, we have some beautiful dishes, including platters, bowls, plates, and cups.

Moose Mountain Dinnerware
Mountain Dinnerware

This dinnerware set is fired in a lead free glaze.
Rustic Moose  Dinnerware
Rustic Moose

Oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Rustic Moose  Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl

Serving bowl measures 9.5”Dia. x 3.25”H.
Rustic Moose  Oval Platter
Oval Platter

Platter is handmade and measures 14” x 11”.

We also have a stoneware collection of dinnerware sets for you to look at.

All of these items are an awesome way, to show off your love, of the great outdoors, whether it is for your home away from home, or every day use!

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