Cabinet and Drawer Moose Knob Pulls

These moose knob cabinet and drawer pulls will be the highlight of your kitchen!

It's funny how such a simple thing, such as a drawer pull, can change the whole look of a room.

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Moose Knob for Cabinets and Drawer Pulls
Walking Cabinet Knob
Cabinet and Drawer Moose Knob Pulls
Left Facing Knob
Cabinet and Drawer Pull Moose Knobs
Moose Head Knob

These decorative knobs feature one piece cast construction with a choice of a left or right facing full bodied bull, or just the head mount. 

You also have a nice variety of color choice, including oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, antique copper, nickel or pewter.

The above selection includes antique copper antlers that are left or right facing for your convenience, or can be mix and matched according to your kitchen design.

This collection also includes a round antique brass pull with a bull's head, and an antique copper shoulder mount that is quite unique.

This assortment includes 2 wooden knobs.  The Loose Moose is a hand-decorated decoupage style and is given several coats of a gloss sealant.

The Menzner Hardwoods pull is unfinished laser engraved maple, that can be stained or varnished to match your kitchen decor. 

The Big Sky Carvers and the Woodland Silhouette are ceramic style knobs.

The Winter Solitude and the Moonlight Serenade are made from high quality wood that has been hand decorated and then coated with several coats of gloss sealant.

The bronzed black hoof print is a very distinguished and refreshing design, that you do not see very often.

The antler with the bull image in the center is a truly extraordinary piece of art and would look great in any kitchen.

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