Moose Toilet Seats

There is nothing more unique for gift giving than moose toilet seats!

How many hunters can actually say that they own one of these unusual items? 

If you are decorating for a cabin, lodge, or just your own personal bathroom, you'll love these choices!

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The soft cushion toilet seat shows a variety of bull poses, and includes images of elk and whitetail deer.

The solid oak Lodge Cabin d├ęcor boasts of being wood burned, then hand painted, and it is simply stunning in appearance.

The sunset tattoo is actually an applique that is to be placed on the lid.  It is not to be used on soft cushion seats or wooden seats, as it is applicable to the smooth standard seats only.  It is made from electrostatic vinyl film and will not harm your lid.

Moose Toilet Seats
Moose Seats Elongated
Moose Toilet Seats
Moose Seat Round

The Quiet Water set features a lone bull standing in a shallow creek.  It is made from oak veneer over a solid wood core.  Both elongated and round are available.

Our final toilet seat is hand carved from oak and hand painted by Idaho Artists, Don Mintz.  It is a standard round, only.

And last but not least, we've included a toilet paper holder just for fun!

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