Plush Stuffed Moose Head

A stuffed moose head makes a great wall trophy to encourage young hunters, or can even be used as a gag gift for the seasoned hunter!

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Plush Moose Headmount

Wall Head Mount

This plush moose head has an impressive rack and even includes a dewlap making it more realistic looking! Measures 18 x 18 inches.
Plush Moose Trophy Head

Stuffed Trophy Head

This friendly looking stuffed bull is made from 100% polyester plush fur. Dust or wipe clean. Measures 15"W x 17"D x 20"H.
Mini Moose Plush Trophy Head

Mini Stuffed Moose Head

This stuffed mini bull head is perfect for those
that do not have a lot of space but still want to display a trophy mount! 10” wide.

Along with the stuffed wall mounts, we've included a plush footstool, a child's rocker, and moose skin rugs that are available in two sizes.  They are truly adorable!

Morris Moose Footstool

Plush Moose Rug Small

Plush Moose Rug Large

For the hunter that always complains about the one that got away, well, hanging a head on the wall can now be achieved!

Whether used for charming decorations, enhancing a child's love for the sport, or wanting a prank gift, these items are sure to please!

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